Monday - 12 - 06 - 06
(Return from Donington park, which had been the best rock show and event I've ever been too. One hell of a weekend, to say the least.)

I started off by getting introduced to some people in Icera, and shown around in the building.
They're very modern and proffesional, like most IT companys. Fine desks, and lots of them. There's no facilities for any physical exercises in the building, but lots of computers. My employer gave me a task, to do some web designing. So I downloaded a program called Nvu, where I can make web page designs. We had already purchased a web page, so all I had to do was to start on work.
I decided to put in some easy stuff to begin with. Like this Diary, some pages with pictures & other random stuff. But I've enjoyed myself today. I've been challenged, and got a view into how it is working in office. The other days I might get some financial tasks in the company, and continue my web designing. Stay tuned.

Tuesday - 13 - 06 - 06

Another day starts. We started off by getting earlier up than yesterday. Got on work, and started working. I've worked on my web designing, and added some more pictures & pages. My dad went to a meeting around 11, and first returned at 13. But in the meanwhile I got introduced to the chip & other various IT tools by Allan, who is sitting at the desk in front of mine. He explained about some cells, what he had worked with before, chips & how they work, and tools on the computer, which makes work much better & faster. In the lunch break we met Simon, who owns a Ferrari & has various wisdom about music. He is also one of the bosses in Icera. This afternoon we're off to play some golf & hopefully watch some world cup. Work in Icera is getting more and more interesting... 

Wednesday - 14 - 06 - 06

Today I started working with finance, with Natalie. I wrote checks, payed employees & companys checks over the Internet, copied papers and other office work. It was exciting to see how they worked down there, and they sure do have tons(I mean loads) of papers to stack up.
I also worked on a computer, because the Nvu program wasn't working properly. I had to build the computer up from top to bottom and add processor, wires, hard disk, video card, and tons of other. Tomorrow I'll start working on installing the programs and making it work properly. Let's hope I do.

Thursday - 15 - 06 - 06

Today we started early as always. Im missing getting some sleep, but its Friday tomorrow, so I'll be fine. I continued working on my computer, where I had added the last parts yesterday, today was the day to get it working, by installing windows. Unlucky for me there was an error somewhere, and we sat some hours trying to work it out, install, delete, install etc. After the lunch break I had some lessons with Steve, whom plays bass and is very intelligent. He told me about several things in a meeting room. Such as processors, how they work, the three important things in a computer, programming, with perl, C & tcl. Found out you need to be good at maths, so time to pull myself together at school and get some good grades at the exams. We also had some work on the laptop, where Steve showed me how to program Perl on the computer. It all looked very weird and complicated. I'll give you an example. 
#!/usr/bin/perl  -w
print "What is your name?   " ;
$name = <STDIN>;
chomp ($name) ;
print "Hello, $name!\n";
That is a program showing to like start up a computer. It'll ask what your name is, you then type in the name & it says "Hello (yourname)". It's written in perl, which is an computer language. I prefer C & Html at the moment. As you see, it's rather hard. But I'll find out some day.

Friday - 16 - 06 - 06

Last day at Icera. Been incredible fun and I`ve learned alot! Now that I know how its like here, its back to school and start learning. I hope we'll get some Media studies in some future at school. Could use that. We tried working out the computer agian today, but without luck. Linux didn't work either, so I gave it back to our IT boss, Mark. He's scottish and seems to know tons about how the (damned) computers work. There isn't much more to do today, then write this diary and wait for 10, where we shall leave. Agian, it's been an amazing experience being here, and I hope the guys around didn't have too many problems with me. Remember to check out their website.